Upcoming Events

New Zealand Wide ("Babich") Pairs - Friday 2nd November.
Please put your name in the Friday book.

AGM - Friday 9th November

Latest News

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Try out the only radio show in the world dedicated to bridge - a New Zealand first - The Bridge Zone.  This week's half hour show talks of why people come to a club, etiquette around beginners and the second half of the show has an in depth look at transfers and uncovers the super accept.  Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Enjoy the show!

Club Sessions

Mondays seated by 10.50 am for 11.00 start. Byo lunch.  
Tuesdays seated by 7.20 pm for 7.30 start. Competition night.
Fridays seated by 7.10 pm for 7.20 start.
All sessions are open to all players.
Table money is $3.

Mondays: Philippa Henderson 364-2259
Tuesdays: Moira Wylie 364-8854
Fridays: Jo Cairns 364-0004

To contact the club, email otakibridge@xtra.co.nz


Office Holders 2018

President: Tim Horner
Secretary: Lyn Edwards  
Treasurer: Karen Pugh
Committee members: 
Jo Cairns, Liz Cornford, Trish Davison, Robyn Mitchell, Emily Williams, Graeme Wylie.