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CONGRATULATIONS to our first competition winners for 2019, Jane Windle (Open) and Sue Bondi (Handicap) in the Waitohu Individual.


THE BRIDGE ZONE This is the link to The Bridge Zone for 5th February 2019

This week Barry and Mereana talk to 

National Director Julie Atkinson

Discuss the form of various teams leading to the South Island Teams this weekend

and talk about Mereana's Book of the week (but not Barry's!) "The Laws of Duplicate Bridge"


Upcoming Events

Friday night pairs - first Friday of each month, Feb to July

Friday Summer Individual - Feb 8, 15 and 22

Club Sessions

Mondays seated by 10.50 am for 11.00 start. Byo lunch.  
Tuesdays seated by 7.20 pm for 7.30 start. Competition night.
Fridays seated by 7.10 pm for 7.20 start.
All sessions are open to all players.
Table money is $3.

Mondays:   Philippa Henderson  364-2259
Tuesdays:  Carolyn Graham  364-6164
Fridays:     Lyn Edwards  364-6088

To contact the club, email


Office Holders 2019

President: Tim Horner
Secretary: Helen Walker 
Treasurer: Karen Pugh

Committee members: 
Liz Cornford, Trish Davison, Lyn Edwards, Eva Lotka, Robyn Mitchell, Graeme Wylie.