Latest News

Welcome to a new year of bridge.  We have put up a new programme for the year which is available on the Calendar tab on our website. A copy will also go up on the noticeboard.

The first session of our year will be held on Monday 6th January. It would be great to see as many of you as possible on that day.  Just a reminder that play commences at 11am, so we need you seated at 10.50am.  Bring your own lunch.


There have been a couple of grade upgrades in the latest changes made by New Zealand Bridge.  Congratulations to Marlene Frost who has moved from Junior to Intermediate, and Basia Arnold who has moved from Intermediate to Open.


All of the tournaments around the country are listed on the New Zealand Bridge website.  Here is a link to the tournament list.  Tournaments are a lot of fun.  If you have not taken part in one yet, take your courage in your hands, ask a friend and go for it!!


There will be continued work on the kitchen during the early part of the year.  Thanks to Lyn Edwards for her work on the applications for funding for the changes, and to Karen Pugh for her work with the insurance company with regard to the leaky cylinder.  Please be patient during this process. 



Our first meeting of the year will be on 27 January 2020.  If you have anything you want discussed, please approach any of the Committee members:  Basia Arnold, Karen Pugh, Helen Walker, Karen Scott, Eva Lotka, Pip Martin, George Allan, Lynne Eathorne or Tim Horner.

Happy bridging





Club Sessions


All sessions are open to all players.

Mondays seated by 10.50 am for 11.00 start. Byo lunch.  
Tuesdays seated by 7.20 pm for 7.30 start. Competition night.
Fridays seated by 7.10 pm for 7.20 start.
Table money is $3.

Mondays:   Philippa Henderson  364-2259
Tuesdays:  Carolyn Graham  364-6164
Fridays:     Lyn Edwards  364-6088

To contact the club, email




Office Holders 2020


President: Basia Arnold
Secretary: Helen Walker 
Treasurer: Karen Pugh

Committee members: 
Tim Horner, George Allan, Lynne Eathorne, Eva Lotka, Karen Scott, Pip Martin.