September 2020 update


Starting dates for all sessions
Bridge re-starts at Otaki on Tuesday 8 September, and we will play the usual days and times from then.
Please let me know if you are intending to play on Friday 11th.  We really need 4 tables for it to be worthwhile and fun.  If you have put your name down to play, I  will let you know if it is cancelled.
Refresher sessions
Dorothy will resume her refresher sessions which are held at 6.40 on Tuesdays  for half an hour and are open to anyone interested.  The coming programme is:

15 September      overcalling

6  October             doubles

27 October            asking bids

24 November      your questions and/or looking at leads, suggestions for 2021


Interclub competition

We need to field 3 Teams  (Junior, Intermediate and Open) for this event on Sunday the 20th September  at Waikanae

This will only go ahead if we are back at level one. 

It is an all-day event with 6 rounds per grade playing each other club twice  

If you are interested in forming part of one of the teams please reply to this email with your name and your partner's name and the grade you want to be considered for. Grading is as per NZBridge gradings

The committee will select a team for each grade.

Responses are Needed by Friday 11 September

I am aware that this is a short timeframe - impacted on by the covid shutdown.
Looking forward to seeing you all as we start playing again.